Review: Wilson Staff D-100 driver

We take a closer look at the Wilson big dog

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Fri, 27 Sep 2013

On first inspection, the D-100 has a traditional looking Wilson design with a large profile from front to back.

While we felt the giant logo splashed across the sole was a nice touch, like the PING G25, we weren’t particularly taken by the combination of black clubhead with white shaft that had far too much writing on it.

The D-100 promises super lightness and it delivers. The transition from backswing to downswing felt effortless and head also felt extremely stable through impact.

It’s a real fairway finder, too, with a pleasing mid-to-high ball flight thanks to the chemically-etched crown that saves weight to be repositioned for a lower centre of gravity.

We did, however, feel it lacked a little bit of fire off the face in comparison to some of the other new drivers we have tested this year.


The D-100 is extremely forgiving, easy to swing and will certainly help slower swingers of the ball feel much more confident on the tee.

While it will keep you on the straight and narrow more often than not, which let’s face it is most important, we don’t believe you’ll unlock too many hidden yards.

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