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Fri, 12 Oct 2012

Titleist 913D2 and 913D3

Titleist 913D2 and D3

The new generation of Titleist 913D2 and 913D3 drivers - available to club golfers from November 9 - feature an adjustable Sure-Fit hosel system to change both the loft and the lie angle.

The 913D2 driver features a 460cc full-pear shaped head designed for maximum forgiveness and a slight draw bias, while the 913D3 has a 445cc classic-pear shape that is forgiving and is the preferred weapon of choice for World No.1 Rory McIlroy because of its workability.

Unlike the 910 series, both D2 and D3 models now provide the same launch and spin characteristics to provide maximum fitting flexibility.

“Golfers can now choose their 913 model based on size or shape preference, amount of forgiveness or workability, and amount of draw bias,” says Dan Stone, Titleist’s vice-president of research and development.

“They can then dial-in their launch and spin settings precisely using the SureFit Tour hosel.”

Cosmetically, red and silver go-faster stripes enhance the sole and there’s an arrow-style plate which houses a screw weight which engineers have introduced to keep the centre of gravity low and reduce spin.

The new drivers should produce similar trajectories to the 910 drivers but, judging by a fitting clinic staged for journalists from around Europe, deliver more forgiveness and workability through the air.

Adds Stone: “The 913D2 and 913D3 drivers offer the highest performance of any adjustable drivers on the market, particularly when it comes to speed and forgiveness.

“Every serious golfer from Tour players to amateurs of all skill levels will experience more distance potential and better driving performance with 913.”

The drivers will be available in 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12-degree in extra stiff, stiff, regular, senior and lite shaft flex.

Click here to learn how you can get custom fit for your new 913 driver in time for November 9.

Best for: Mid to low handicap players who want speed, forgiveness and workability from the tee.
Expect to pay: £344

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