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Nike's new Power distance ball

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Thu, 24 Oct 2002

Nike’s super-soft newcomer.

Nike Precision Power Distance Super-Soft ball

Price: £29.50 per dozenThough Nike’s fascinating ball-fitting serviceon its website doesn’t recommend the Precision Power Distance Super-Soft ball for my game, I enjoyed playing it.

The ball was launched last month and over recent weeks, I have put it into play in a mixture of conditions that Mother Nature has laid before me.

Firm and fast, soft and wet, windy. You name it; I’ve played in it with differing degrees of success.

And it emerged with more than a nod of approval.

I tend to judge a ball by feel, not in my fingertips but by the vibes it gives me through the driver, the irons and especially the putter blade, which currently has an ageing brass face – none of this rubber insert business!

I like a thump not a click, I like to fizz my shots in low and firm with a bit of action – not high and soft and bouncy.

Nike says the Power Distance Super Soft has a lower than normal 70 compression, ‘softens the slam without sacrificing distance’ and generates a ‘quick-spin response.’

I couldn’t swear that it gave me extra yards off the tee, but my control with medium and short irons looked to improve and around the green it behaved impeccably with a good feel off my wedges and fairway woods (when chipping from the fringe).

I’ll take those tuts of indignation from my playing partners as a compliment, then!

If I had a criticism, it’s about the swoosh on the ball. I like to draw straight lines on my golf balls – both for identification and as a guide to line-up when driving and putting. The logo is a distraction I can see every time I place the ball in position, it tends to point at a tangent to my line and I have taken to painting over it.


Based on the my handicap, my abilities in various conditions and ball flight, Nike’s ball fitters recommend I use their most expensive ball – the Nike Precision Tour Accuracy TW (they would wouldn’t they?). But I’ve found the Precision Power Distance Super Soft suited my game – as long as I keep my eye on the ball and not the swoosh.

Golfmagic rating: 8/10

Nike recommends the Power Distance TI-Velocity for ground-hugging distance and reduced sidespin and for those players (mostly seniors, women and juniors) with slower swing speeds, they rate Power Distance Hi-Launch as ideal.



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