Video: Golfmagic chats to Soren Kjeldsen about the new Srixon AD333 Tour ball

Cleveland Golf - Srixon staff player speaks to Andy Roberts at Urban Golf Kensington

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Thu, 16 Jan 2014

GOLFMAGIC caught up with Cleveland Golf - Srixon staff player and three-time European Tour champion Soren Kjeldsen at Urban Golf to discuss the new Srixon AD333 Tour and Srixon AD333 golf balls.

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Heralding a new era of choice, the AD333 Tour, unveiled today and launching March 1, is designed specifically for golfers who don’t posses tour level swing speeds but who are looking for many of the characteristics that a tour ball provides.

Building on the success of the AD333 brand, the UK’s number one 2-piece golf ball since 2007, and with a tour-inspired design, the AD333 Tour’s 3-piece construction features a super-soft urethane cover.

This makes the AD333 Tour the ideal option for ambitious golfers looking to take their game to the next level with a ball that gives tour-level precision by combining distance, control and feel.

The AD333 Tour features Spin Skin Technology, providing even greater control and spin on approach shots and with a superior soft feel thanks to a blended highly resilient soft mid layer. AD333 Tour, available in Tour White only, features an advanced 344 dimple pattern that promotes low driver spin and high iron spin for a more penetrating ball flight and unyielding performance in the wind.

Srixon says its Spin Skin coating improves friction between the golf ball and club surface by as much as 20% for added feel and control on crucial scoring shots, in particular partial wedge shots from greenside rough.

The new AD333 ball, launched towards the end of 2013, also offers incredible feel but has been designed for players who are looking for an all ability ball, offering greater distance and excellent spin on every shot.

This 2-piece ball also features Spin Skin Technology and offers even greater control and spin on approach shots and a superior soft feel.

Performance in the wind has also been enhanced by a new speed dimple pattern to promote a penetrating flight, while the AD333’s durability is highly resilient and soft thanks to a RABALON HR+ and PANA-TETRA blended thin outer cover.

As with last season’s model, the new AD333 will be available in both Pure White as well as Tour Yellow for improved visibility. Srixon says this ball is ideal for golfers with a clubhead speed in excess of 80 mph.

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