EF wedge

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Andy Roberts
Mon, 17 Aug 2015

EF wedge
It's to see why Jason Day and co. have put the EF straight in their bags

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strong spin rates on full wedge strikes; lovely feel off the face and fantastic stock KBS shaft as standard; dark finish and head shape adds to its appeal; easy to splash balls out the sand
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PRICE: £119.00 YEAR: from 2015

TaylorMade's ground-breaking new "EF" wedges refer to the ‘Electroformed’ Nickel Cobalt grooves that create higher levels of spin than previous groove designs.

The head is made from carbon steel to provide a soft feel, and its unique dark black finish not only looks great at address but it also increases the club's durability. 

Testing out both the 52 and 56-degree models, the EF wedge provided us with our strongest spin rates from a wedge this season.

It also felt the easiest to gauge distance with out of the sand. 

The wedge comes in a Tour grind, which we preferred as it gave us a little more heel relief on shots around the green, and an ATV grind that is more forgiving through the turf.

The KBS wedge shaft as standard also adds to its appeal as its beautifully weighted in relation to the head.

It's very easy to see why the likes of US PGA champion Jason Day, Dustin Johnson and Justin Rose have put the EF wedge straight in their bags this season.

At £119, this one looks terrific value for money.

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