Vokey SM4

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Andy Roberts
Thu, 20 Jun 2013

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Milled micro edges increases spin rate; Improved and larger teardrop design; Good feedback and hearty sound at impact; Solid distance and accuracy
Hard to think of one
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PRICE: £99.00 YEAR: from 2013

Titleist Vokey SM4 features sharper and tighter-patterned grooves than previous models that are supplemented by milled micro edges on the face to increase spin on full or partial shots.

The wedge also features durable grooves from a localised heat treatment in the impact area that preserves the precise milled grooves and micro edges.

I'm a big fan of the improved and larger teardrop design in comparison to previous Titleist wedges. It inspires confidence over the ball. The shape is inspired by the original Vokey 200 series. Everything about it oozes class.

A little head heavy but that only aids a hearty sound at impact and consistent feel throughout. I enjoyed good control over the ball and decent feedback on a few squiffy swings.

You can play all the shots with this wedge from the high back-spinner to the low-flighted pitch. Quite a small sweetspot on offer but I received terrific spin rates aided by the new and improved grooves. The small sweetspot probably makes this wedge more suited for the better player, though. 


Pure trajectory, hearty sound at impact, as well as impressive spin rates and tight dispersion across the board. Solid distance, too. One of the best.

If you want to make the most of the Vokey wedge, it’s best to get yourself custom fit like we did recently at the Titleist National Fitting Centre at St Ives. Click here for the feature.

Pro Verdict (Tom Hayward)

Great streamlined look and it’s attractive at address. One of the best looking wedges out there. Solid performer and feels lovely in the hands. Head isn’t too heavy, it feels just right. I wouldn’t expect anything else from a Vokey. 

Click this link to see how the Titleist Vokey SM4 performed in our 2013 Wedges Test

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