Why Dan's a winning Mizuno man!

Golfmagic trio land a dozen balls for their winning submissions in our new user-review section. Find out how you can join them.

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Tue, 1 Nov 2005

Mizuno MX-23

Dan Hills, a 30-year-old golfer from West Sussex, was originally discouraged from buying Mizuno MX-23 irons because he felt they were perhaps too good for his 18 handicap at his local course at Sweetwoods.

But he decided to take the plunge and shell out £330 (including tax, delivery and import duty) for the irons to replace the ‘Ram beginners clubs’ he’d been using since taking up the game two years ago. And Dan, who works in IT for the Caravan Club, hasn’t regretted it for a minute.

A self-confessed ‘golf nut’, who also plays at Chartham Park, Cottesmore, Tilgate Forest, Royal Ashdown Forest and East Sussex National, he is one of three winners of a dozen Srixon Soft Feel golf balls, courtesy of County Golf Direct, for submitting opinions to our user-review section during October.

This popular area of the Golfmagic site has this week been refined and updated to include not only your equipment reviews but also our own extensive reviews of the latest clubs, balls and shoes, together with easily accessible links to forum discussion and major suppliers.

Commented Dan: "Where the Rams were a solid enough performer and did what it said on the tin, the Mizunos give me that extra feedback and confidence to pull off the shot I’m trying to achieve. My handicap has shrunk by three shots since buying the irons two months ago and a fair chunk of that can be attributed to the MX-23s."

Ping Specify putter

"My only criticism is that the pitching wedge is large and can look as if you have a spade in your hands. But overall these are quality clubs," says Dan who claims other golfers shouldn’t be fooled into thinking the MX-23s are solely aimed at ‘better players’.

David Nunn (38) from Tunbridge Wells told us about the Ping Specify putter he bought for £50, which he described as ‘a bargain, if you’re prepared to shop around’.

"I have now found the perfect putter for my style," he says. "It has a flat top hosel for a toe heavy balance, an Ally back for alignment and, most important for me, a blue coloured back weight. This combination gives me the feel I want and I now I can judge the correct weight for each putt."

For 15-year-old East Grinstead golfer James Monet, a lucky find of a ball in a pond, earned him a further dozen Srixons as the third of our prize-winners.

"I found this Callaway HX Tour 56 and decided to use it. It turned out to be the best I’ve ever played," said James who has joined Copthorne Golf Club and hopes to quickly achieve handicap below its current 25-28 status.

"the Callaway ball gave me an extra 30 yards on my drives and spins nicely. It’s fantastic and better than the Pro V1, though at £40 a dozen I couldn't afford to buy them."

You could if you sold one of your paintings, James!



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