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Are you a perennial slicer/fader? Here's how to hit it straight

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Mon, 8 Aug 2016

Page five

Left foot forward

Still losing it to the right? You must have a severe case. There’s only one thing for it – the tip to cure any slice or fade. In conjunction with the other four tips, this will put an end to your woes once and for all.



When you address the ball, put your left foot ahead of your right. This will close your shoulders, and make rotating easier.

Close the clubface, which means twist it so it aims to the left (for a right hander). Remember all we’ve said about attacking the ball from the inside and not getting outside the line.

Then, swing to where your feet are aiming, which will be to the right. Granted, it will seem counterintuitive to hit towards the right when you’re trying to stop your ball going to the right, but just trust us. Like one of those team building exercises when you fall backwards and get caught by some stout bloke in IT. We’re here for you.

That path with the closed face will work wonders. Enjoy your new shot shape. 



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