Designers' Moscow golf project

Nine holes in the shadow of Olympic stadium

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Tue, 15 Mar 2011

Designers' Moscow golf project

Thomson Perrett & Lobb, the golf course design business founded by five-times Open Champion Peter Thomson with partners Ross Perrett and Tim Lobb, is creating a new golf academy at Moscow’s Luzhniki Olympic complex.

Work starts soonm on an innovative nine-hole par-3 course design, with six of the holes sharing two large splash-shaped greens, a driving range and a practice putting area. There will also be a spacious clubhouse with indoor golf simulators in the shadow of the stadium which may host games in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

“To be working on a project that will add another dimension to an already huge sporting complex is hugely exciting," says Tim Lobb. “We’ve concentrated on creating a golf facility that will be fun for all the family, and enable the people of Moscow to experience and learn to play golf in a relaxed environment.”

The academy is an important development for both Russia and its capital city. It is the closest golf facility to the city centre and further enhances the Luzhniki Complex, which played host to the Olympics in 1980, and which already boasts facilities for more than 40 different sports and attracts five million visitors a year.

Dimitry Aleshin, deputy director of development and commercial affairs of the Luzhniki complex, says: “TPL’s design will create a welcome addition to our sporting facilities. It will be well received and will encourage more people to take up the sport.”



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