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Challenge yourself in the beautiful Berkshire woodlands, just a few minutes walk from the town centre

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Mon, 10 Jun 2013

447-yard par-4 11th

It was a toss up between the monster 467-yard par-4 fourth or the slightly shorter par-4 11th.

Taking into account the fairway bunkers that can trap a marginally stray tee shot, the significant dogleg to the right and tight, sloping green, I had to choose the 11th.

To avoid the two bunkers (photo left) off the tee, don't be afraid to aim far left as a slight fade will leave you in a perfect spot for the approach shot. 

The second shot is tricky with the fairway sloping down on to the sloped green all running away from you, so de-club and pitch your iron short, allowing the ball to run onto the green.



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