Disaster hole - 18th Par 5 480 yards

Course review and three unique holes

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Fri, 10 May 2013

Disaster hole - 18th Par 5 480 yards

If it were not for the competition I played this hole reasonably well. My drive settled on the left side of the fairway and left me roughly 200 yards into the pin. Out comes the trusty 3-iron which was to prove not so trustworthy on this occasion. I made good contact but pushed my shot to the right of the green, leaving a chip over a bunker onto a green running away from me – hardly ideal.

I remember all the positive self-talk I’ve been told to do in these situations - ‘pretend the bunker isn’t there’ or ‘just be positive’ and they seem to help as my ball lands next to the pin, rolling about 20 yards past. I walk onto the green with a McIlroy bounce, pretty pleased that i didn't duff the chip into the sand.

Out comes the rusting Scotty Cameron and I charge the hole for my birdie, egged on by the watching England women’s team, and leave myself an eight foot right to left putt.

Little did I know if I sank this putt our team would have drawn the competition and could have won an exquisite suit coverl! But this is me we’re talking about and pressure is always my downfall. Never to have played a round level par, I once got to the 16th at -2 only to go quadruple, quadruple, double bogey coming home. That was tough to take.

‘One ball to the right’ I decided as I lined up my putt. Off it goes and it starts to turn nicely until, oh no, its done a complete U-turn and practically gone in and then come back out the hole, seemingly defying the laws of physics. I get a bogey and lose the competition by one-stroke for my team – it’s the taking part that counts anyhow!



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