Favourite hole

Course review and three unique holes

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Fri, 10 May 2013

Favourite hole – 17th par 7 354 yards

How cliché I chose the ‘Langer’ hole, but the infamous nature of it got to me. A plaque explaining what the German did is nailed to the tree sitting just left of the green and it had my adrenaline pumping knowing that even the great players can hook the ball that much – that and I saw the biggest rat I have ever seen in my life when crossing the river which gave me an incredible fright.

I scrambled a par after I hit a 3-iron down the middle of the fairway and managed to pitch and two putt but I constantly kept on looking at the tree, which has no branches below about ten feet, and wondering ‘how on earth did he manage to climb that thing?’ Seemingly, a man with two Masters victories can do anything. 

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