Course review and three unique holes

Charlie Lemay's picture
Fri, 10 May 2013

‘I think I could turn pro’ hole – 15th par 4 439 yards

A crisply struck approach shot that finishes within ten feet is one of my favourite things in golf - probably due to it being such a rarity for me - but on this ocassion I manage to pull one out the bag.

My drive leaves me on the right side of the fairway with 160 yards left. I take out my 8-iron and decide I will aim left of the green and try and fade it, taking the bunkers out of play.

I know it’s good from the moment I hit it. Landing softly it trickles to ten feet from the hole with an uphill putt left – a home banker for the pros but a two out of ten for me. I'm left with a birdie putt which always has me heartbeat elevated.

A complete misread leaves me with a tap-in for my par but I’m not too bothered as the 8-iron shot is playing over and over in my mind - i'll be telling my flatmates about that one on my return to London.



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