Gainsborough Golf Club review

Review of the Karsten Lakes course in Lincolnshire

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Wed, 11 Sep 2013

Gainsborough Golf Club is set in the countryside of Lincolnshire and is known for its friendly atmosphere.

The club boasts two parkland 18s and we were tasked with navigating the Karsten Lakes course which is generally seen as the premium track.

Established in 1997, the championship course was designed by legendary British golfer Neil Coles and is a par 72 at 6,900 yards.

It’s not the most challenging 18 you’ll ever play as the course is open and flat and the greens, which were in excellent condition, were nothing to worry about either.

There are a number of short par-5s which are easy to reach in two if you get your tee shot right. However, the rough at times is punishing and thick and there is a fair amount of water surrounding fairways and greens to penalise the erratic player.

It's an extremely enjoyable round of golf. What made the club for me was the fantastic atmoshpere. Everyone says 'hello' and seems to be enjoying themselves - after all we're supposed to be having fun!

The 'Card wrecker'

6 – Par 4, 410 yards

When you stand on the tee you can’t see the flag but you can see the vast amount of water which you need to aim at – quite disconcerting.

Essentially the hole is a dogleg to the right but there is water where you would land your ball if you hit driver which makes this hole particularly tricky.

Players need to hit to around 220 at the water which will leave you around 190 to the pin. Take too much club and you’re taking a dip but take too little and you’re leaving yourself a long approach.

Your second shot is going to see you flying the water into the green. With a long iron in your hands this in no easy feat especially as the water extends all the way to the left of the green. Rough sits to the right of the green as well as bunkers.

When on the green you can breathe a sigh of relief as there’s not too much to worry about on the dance floor. All that’s left is to look back at what you’ve just negotiated and be very happy if you’ve managed to get the ball in for par.

The 'Fill your boots' hole

5 - Par 5, 498 yards

This is one of those holes you get to and you’re disappointed to walk away with par and I always relax on them and rarely cash in!

If you get your drive right you’re looking at an putt for eagle. I always think a good par-5 should give you a sniff at reaching in two if you boom your drive but this does more than that.

If you get your drive in the fairway you’re looking at a long iron into the green. Granted, to the left of the fairway there are bunkers and it’s not the widest of landing areas but you could almost hit two 5-woods into the green so no complaining!

Once on the green it’s pretty flat so you can attack the hole from all angles – happy hunting!



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