St Boswell Golf Course

We might be in a triple-dip recession but don't let that get in your way, get out there!

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Thu, 18 Apr 2013

St Boswell Golf Course - Scottish Borders, Scotland

St Boswell Golf Course - Scottish Borders, Scotland

Set on the south banks of the River Tweed the club champions itself for panoramic views and a relaxed atmosphere – not what you expect when spending under a fiver. Reviews agree with this and praise the picturesque nature of the club and the condition of the fairways and greens. If you’re a golfer who frequently sees the red mist, then the mix of nature and golf may be just the tonic.

Accuracy is again important as there is little room for error and if you do hit a wild one you could find yourself in the river. 

Price: £4.50 when teeing off from 12:15 – 17:58 every day of the week

Par: 66

Yards: 5,274



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