Toughest hole

Brocket Hall's championship Palmerston course has a top quality reputation. How will it play?

Ed Greenland's picture
Mon, 24 Jun 2013

Toughest hole - Par 4, 393 yard 11th

This shot looks back at the tee which is hidden by the trees on the left, with the pin just out of shot on the left. That gives you some idea of just how extreme a dogleg it is.

Hit it straight and you'll end up in the quarry, just visible behind the trees on the right of the photo.

I suggest taking an iron to the top-side of the steep right-to-left gradient fairway well short of the quarry. If you hit the deck, you'll have a short iron in but remember to under club as it's a downhill stroke with a large drop off the back of the putting surface.



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