Welcome Relief

What did we make of the beautiful course in Myrtle Beach?

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Tue, 24 Jun 2014

Welcome Relief

Welcome Relief – 11th hole, par 3 (149 off the blues)

As you make your way home for a much-anticipated cold drink in the clubhouse, make the most of the 11th hole which is a picturesque but simple par 3.

The hole is downhill, playing shorter than the yardage, so you will be hitting a short iron into the large green.

While there is a large waste land and bunker running infront of the hole and to the right and left of the green, you shouldn’t be going anywhere near it.

A well struck shot should leave most people with a pop at birdie and anymore more than par here is a poor result.

Head to the Myrtle Beach Golf holiday website or True Blue's website for more information 

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