CORE Golf - the first app showing golfers how to practice on the range

CORE Golf suggests the perfect golf drills to suit a golfer's ability...

CORE Golf - the first app showing golfers how to practice on the range

Today sees the release of CORE Golf, the first EVER App to help golfers improve their skills by showing them what and how to practice on the Driving Range, with the purpose of helping them on a path to lowering their handicaps and improving their golf game.

The App assesses the user's game level per skill, by suggesting drills that will clarify what the golfer needs to work on the most to improve their overall golf game.

CORE Golf - the first app showing golfers how to practice on the range

For each drill, CORE Golf informs how long it will take to complete, which practice facility it requires and how many balls need to be used. In essence, CORE Golf is a simple tool to guide golfers on the Driving Range and for them to log their practice. 

As the golfer navigates the App’s simple-to-use, intelligently-presented User Interface, they will see the expected performance for their particular skill level, based on their handicap, for each drill. 

CORE Golf then helps the golfer to work on their game with a purpose, through the logging of more deliberate practice. When they have completed each drill, the golfer is then presented with immediate feedback on their results after recording the score. The App's already vast library of drills will be continuously expanded as time passes.

The Team behind the CORE Golf App said of the release: "We’re excited about the opportunity to help golfers make their practice on the driving range more purposeful and are confident that with the right tools, golfers will  translate those results into their on-course performance."

CORE Golf has been designed and developed for dedicated golfers who are eager to improve their game but struggling to get results on the Driving Range. The App does not teach users HOW to play golf, but helps them evolve by providing targeted drills to perform at the driving range to maximise gains in all areas of their game. 

CORE Golf will be available on March 12, 2020 for iOS only at this stage. After downloading, a 3-day trial is available and thereafter the App requires users to pay a monthly or annual subscription (which equates to the price of just a couple of golf lessons). The app supports Apple’s Dark & Light modes for the best viewing- and user experience. 

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