Hill Billy customers turning to lithium technology

Seven out of 10 users now choosing Lithium batteries

Hill Billy customers turning to lithium technology

Hill Billy customers turning to lithium technology

Electric trolley manufacturer Hill Billy has announced an increase in users choosing Lithium technology over acid batteries, with seven out of 10 customers opting for the longer-lasting battery.

“We’re delighted to see that more and more golfers are buying into Lithium batteries and the number of benefits that come with them,” said Mei Tierney, Hill Billy Marketing Manager.

“Compared to lead-acid batteries, our Lithium unit is far lighter, quicker to charge, longer-lasting and, with the simple Plug ‘n’ Play system, slots easily into the battery tray without the need for any fiddly connectors or wires.

“In general, we’ve seen that golfers across the continent have been much quicker in their move from Lead-acid to Lithium batteries, but the pace of this change is now really picking up in the UK and that can only make the game easier and more enjoyable for trolley users of all ages and abilities,” added Tierney.

Lithium batteries are 75% lighter than acid versions, and the Hilly Billy Lithium battery offers a 5-year warranty.

Hill Billy batteries: £259 acid, £359 Lithium

Head to the Hill Billy website for more information.

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