OCEAN TEE launches bamboo Castle Tees

Castle tees have been developed as a response to consumer and retail demand...

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Wed, 10 Jun 2020
OCEAN TEE launches bamboo Castle Tees

OCEAN TEE, the sustainable golf company, is expanding its range of award-winning sustainable bamboo tees to include Castle tees.  The new design will be available to purchase online from June 12 and can also be included in the company’s Crowd collection, designed to enable golf clubs to make a permanent switch to non-plastic tees.  

The Castle tee has been developed as a response to consumer and retail demand with many businesses reporting that they wanted to include a castle option in the pro shop.

Ed Sandison, Founder of OCEAN TEE, explains how he set about meeting this new challenge, “We get more enquiries about castle tees than anything else, so we decided to look at the feasibility of making a bamboo castle tee.  We worked with our manufacturing partner to create a few silhouettes and after testing out various samples before lockdown we settled on the style we are introducing to the range.”

The 59mm (39mm body) Castle tees, which retail at £3.99, offer a plastic free alternative to the common pink castle tee currently on the market and come in the company’s familiar matchbox presentation.  This can also be customised making them the perfect corporate gift or sustainable promotional item for events and tournaments.



The Castle tees will also be included in the range offered as part of the company’s unique Crowd scheme where golf clubs and facilities are combining their buying power to benefit from reduced costs in a bid to ban plastic tees from their courses.  Any clubs interested in more information about wholesale pricing and the Crowd initiative email info@oceanteegolf.com

As with many businesses the delivery of the Castle tees during the pandemic has come with its own set of problems.  Not only was the shipment delayed, with the road between the bamboo farm and manufacturing facility being closed for 3 months, but the samples in the UK self-isolated in Hertfordshire, whilst founder Ed Sandison spent his lockdown in Cheshire, where he famously claimed his first ever hole in one.

Ed concludes, “We have been extremely lucky to be able to stick to our business plan through the last few months.  We managed to deliver our first ever garment on time as well as our first collaboration piece.  The Castle tees may have come later than we hoped, but we know that there is a real demand for this product and look forward to shipping orders out ASAP.”