Zen launches Green Stage 'dream golf studios' for home users

Stuck at home and itching to play real-world golf? You need this in your life during lockdown...

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Tue, 28 Apr 2020
Zen launches Green Stage 'dream golf studios' for home users

Who wouldn’t want to have a TV-style dream golf simulator setup, just like the Tour pros use, in their own home? How about a golf studio which you can also use as a home cinema or VR video games setup?

A new service is promising exactly that – with the British-designed Zen Green Stage at its heart.

Since 2017 the adjustable Zen Green Stage has been at the heart of Sky Sports Golf broadcasts in the studio at The Masters and other major Tour events, where pundits use it to demonstrate how to hit some of the breaking putts featured during the day’s action.

PGA Tour stars such as Dustin Johnson, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Sergio Garcia have each stepped onto the Zen Green Stage at recent Open Championships in the Sky Sports Open Zone to give clinics on how to hit off sloping lies.

The Green Stage also made its on-air Ryder Cup debut in Paris at Le Golf National in 2018, once again with Sky Sports.

Now, you can own a Zen Green Stage yourself after its developers partnered with Golf Swing Rooms to offer a new at-home installation service in the UK and Ireland.

The digitally-controlled Zen Green Stage is the first golf tech to provide ultra-realistic putting practice and full-swing golf, and when paired with a launch monitor and golf simulator software it creates an ultra-realistic gaming environment.

Recreate famous putts from golf’s history? No problem, the Green Stage can reproduce slopes – including double breaks – as subtle as 0.1° in just a few seconds. Want to practice hitting greens when the ball is above your feet? Easy, on a Green Stage.


Whether you want your own swing room in your house, or out in the garden in a purpose-built studio, Golf Swing Rooms will design your perfect golfing space around a Zen Green Stage for those dark nights, rainy days and evenings with friends when you just have to hit a golf ball.

The computer-controlled, accurately-adjustable Zen Green Stage is the game-changer which, for the first time, lays a foundation for the ultimate ‘real-world’ golf-at-home experience.

Recommended by the world’s leading Tour putting coach, Phil Kenyon, and by celebrated US TV golf instructor Michael Breed, the Zen Green Stage has previously only been seen in exclusive golf academies around the world.

Golf Swing Rooms founder, PGA Professional and ex-Tour player Freddy Valenti, said: “The Zen Green Stage literally changes the way you experience golf indoors.

“Now, when playing a golf simulator you can finally put the ball in the hole, with realistic breaks too. Indoor putting is “the money shot” once more – as it should be!

“Everybody, from kids to their grandparents, loves to stand on a Zen Green Stage as it moves. It is addictive, immersive, and it brings indoor golf to life like never before.

“You’ll also experience sloping lies on virtual fairways. If you’re serious about improving your golf, the Zen Green Stage is as vital as a launch monitor.”

Zen Green Stage inventor Nick Middleton said: “Working with Freddy Valenti we can bring a new dimension by integrating the latest golf technology with the Zen Green Stage, including the new Trackman simulator, SAM PuttLab and Smart2Move force plates, and put them into an intelligently-built indoor environment.

“The Green Stage brings something fundamentally new to the table, and it is right at the heart of a worldwide drive to create real-world golfing conditions indoors.”

All Zen / Golf Swing Rooms installations will take into account factors such as available room size and ceiling height for indoor installations, and local planning regulations for purpose-built outdoor studios.

If you also want to create a space which doubles as a home cinema or gaming room, the Golf Swing Rooms design team integrates it into the overall plan.

The current COVID-19 outbreak does not prevent golfers from having their new Zen Green Stage golf swing room fully designed and costed. “We do much of our site survey work remotely, working with the customer via video, photographs and overhead mapping” says Valenti, a PGA teaching professional for over twenty years who branched out into designing and installing golf swing rooms in 2012.

“If you try to manage these projects yourself, it takes time and creates hassle” he said. “We take care of all of that for you. We offer a complete turnkey solution, including supplying full training and support after installation, to help golfers get the most out of your new technology.

“The Zen Green Stage is available in a variety of sizes, and can be installed free-standing, recessed into the floor, or in a bespoke surround, so we can match a Green Stage to the space which you have available and design your new golf swing room around it.

“And if we are building a new structure in your garden we have even more flexibility to be creative.”

Middleton believes that we are now ready to take the next bold step into a new world of indoor golf. “As the digital age progresses, golfers will expect their home golf experience to become more and more realistic” he said. “By basing your home golf studio around a Zen Green Stage you are future-proofing it no matter what developments there are in the rest of the industry.”

Please contact Zen Oracle on +44 (0)114 262 6933 or email home@zenoracle.com or visit www.zenoracle.com to enquire further about home installations.