EXCLUSIVE: Custom and standard sets FLYING off shelves at Silvermere

Surrey store reports record sales since golf's return, and a huge demand for electric trolleys and bags...

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Tue, 14 Jul 2020
Standard iron sets FLYING off the shelves at Silvermere Golf Store

Silvermere Golf Store has told GolfMagic that while it continues to sell 150 custom golf sets a week to customers, it has never seen so many standard sets fly off the shelves since golf's return during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The popular Surrey golf store revealed it faced its bleakest month when the country went into lockdown, but has since reported record months of sales in its store ever since golf was given a green light to return in England on May 13. 

"It's been completely ridiculous in all honesty," Silvermere Golf's managing director Terry Sims told GolfMagic. 

"We followed what was a record disaster for us during the lockdown, and that is not overstating things, with consecutive record months of traffic in our store following golf's return. We are 100% up on this time last year."

With custom-fitted clubs taking a little longer to arrive due to the current pandemic right now, it would appear a large number of customers at Silvermere have been more than prepared to part with their hard-earned on standard iron and metalwood sets as they are eager to hit the course with a new set of clubs in the bag. 

"I have never seen so many standard sets flying out our store," said Sims. 

"We typically do 150 custom fitted sets a week, and that very much continues to be the case here at Silvermere, but we are also seeing people walk in to our store and pay for a standard set. 

"I guess you could say with the majority of holidays being cancelled for golfers this summer, there is an extra bit of money there and that is being splashed on golf equipment.

"Some custom fitted sets are going to take around a month to arrive, and that is likely going to become the new norm in the short term."

With that in mind, Sims is going the extra mile for his customers. Well, 80 miles in his case. 

"Given stock is taking that extra bit of time to arrive, I actually drove to one equipment manufacturer this morning to pick up around 15 custom sets so our customers could have their new clubs in time for the weekend," said Sims. 

As for which golf hardware products have been performing best at Silvermere during the pandemic, Sims admits there has been a nice spread across the board but that the new TaylorMade SIM, Callaway Mavrik and Cobra SPEEDZONE clubs have been proving most popular. 

"I could not name one particular brand that is outperforming another because we are seeing brands across the board perform really well, but I guess you could say it's the usual suspects," said Sims. 

"TaylorMade SIM, Callaway Mavrik and Cobra SPEEDZONE have all proven popular with our customers, but there is a good spread and that is good to see. 

"In terms of custom fitting, one of the biggest surprises for us has been the Yonex GS range, especially for seniors and ladies. It's come out with some great numbers and our customers have been loving it."

Sims also told us there has been a huge demand for electric trolleys, push trolleys and golf bags of late. 

"Electric trolleys have been going off the charts, and we are just about sold out in all of them," he said.

"Push trolleys are selling incredibly well, too. We are selling around 25 of them a day. 

"Golf bags have also been flying, as well. In fact we are 300% up on golf bag sales right now."

With golfers desperate to get their hands on new equipment as they continue to flock to the fairways during the COVID-19 crisis, Sims is all too aware that Silvermere and the rest of the golf retail industry can expect an uphill battle for the rest of the season.

"With supply drying up fast, it's going to be a very tense August indeed."