Bryson DeChambeau's new centre-shafted putter deemed illegal

And DeChambeau's coach is absolutely fuming about it. 

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Thu, 26 Jan 2017

Bryson DeChambeau's new centre-shafted putter deemed illegal

After checking its own periodic table, the USGA has placed a firm NO next to Bryson DeChambeau's new centre-shafted putter. 

DeChambeau, widely known on Tour as the 'Scientist' for his incredible knowledge of golf technology and equipment, planned to use a new putter starting at last week's CareerBuilder Challenge but was quickly informed it was non-conforming to the Rules of Golf. 


The 23-year-old American has recently adopted a rare, conforming side-saddle putting stroke on Tour, but wanted to move the shaft of his putter into the centre of it rather than at the back as before.

"I was very disappointed with the way they handled it," DeChambeau told Adam Schupak of Morning Read.


"They've said to me, too, that they don't like the way I'm doing it. But it's within the rules, and I don't know why they don't like it. They say I'm potentially taking skill out of the game.

"Anything that helps shoot lower scores or makes golf more fun and grows the game, that's what I'm all about."

A USGA spokesperson said: "The circumstances surrounding the club's non-conformance are confidential and between the USGA and Bryson DeChambeau."

According to DeChambeau's instructor Mike Schy, golf's governing bodies are watching the Cobra Puma staff player's every move.

"Every week, they've been inspecting it - it's bad,” said Schy.

"It's really bad. I'm telling you, they do not want him putting this way. For some reason, they think it is an enormous advantage, and it is not."

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