Golf fans FURIOUS after golfer injured in FORE incident

A video on Twitter has angered golf fans after a man was struck in the head by a golf ball without any warning.

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Mon, 6 Jul 2020

Golf might not be a contact sport but it can still be very dangerous when golf balls are flying around at high speeds. Being hit with a golf ball can be extremely painful and possibly life-threatening, that's why it's absolutely crucial to not only shout "FORE" if your ball is travelling towards another group, but you also need to give it a call as soon as the ball has left your line of sight as you have no idea who may be around the corner.

A recent video posted on Twitter by content creator and YouTube star Seb Carmichael-Brown has seriously angered golf fans, after the man in the video was being filmed taking his tee shot, before a ball hits him hard on the head, without any warning. Watch the incident in the video below:

You can hear the loud crack of the ball hitting the victim on the head before he falls to the ground in pain and his friends rush over to see if he is okay.

Hundreds of golf fans responded to the video on Twitter, furious at the fact that there wasn't a fore shout to warn the group that a ball was heading their way.

Check out some of the responses below, or click on the tweet above to see more.

"This is just terrible and inexcusable. I sure hope the man is ok. Whoever hit it and didn’t yell “fore” deserves to have my three-iron wrapped around their neck....(with my ability, that club is of no use to me anyway) prayers for that guy!" said one angry golfer.

"I always shout for my playing partners and expect the same if I don’t see it while hitting , and if you don’t know where it’s going then shout anyway .. The only time someone might fail to hear is if the wind is blowing hard .. Hope the chap is ok , that sounded a right bonk!!"

"Disgusting seen this too many times on the course just laziness by players not to shout FORE USPGA pros don’t help but shows the dangers hope this fella is ok."

"Blimey! I hope the guy is ok. This is why you should always shout FORE ! Please take note all players on the PGA Tour! #nobodyistoobigtoshout"

"Remember my dad telling about a guy who lost an eye at our club years ago after getting hit."

"Jesus, should be shouting regardless wether you think anyones there or not, as soon as YOU cant see it shout FORE"

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