Hank Haney poses question: Is Bernhard Langer still anchoring his putter?

"I anchor when I address and then move my hand away from the chest, till it is not touching anymore," says Langer. 

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Wed, 31 May 2017
hank haney asks is bernhard langer still anchoring the putter


The anchored putting ban may have come into effect as of January 1, 2016, but the topic is rearing its ugly head once again all thanks to swing coach Hank Haney's recent observation of Bernhard Langer's broomhandle stroke during last week's Senior PGA Championship.

Langer, 59, became the first player to win all five senior major titles on Sunday when narrowly defeating Vijay Singh by one shot. 

Unlike many golfers who anchored putters before the ban, Langer - who has used a broomhandle putter for the majority of his senior tour days - has continued to dominate his circuit with seven wins, including four majors, and 15 top-10 finishes since January 1, 2016.



Infographic explaining Rule 14-1b as to what constitues anchored putting (Photo: USGA)

Langer, however, was not prepared to put down his trusty broomstick and instead simply moved the putter a few inches away from his chest, eliminating the anchoring point.

But Tiger Woods' former swing coach Haney is questioning whether the two-time Masters champion is indeed doing that, after posting a video on Twitter of Langer's putting stroke from the weekend. 

If Langer's forearm is touching his chest during the stroke, then under Rule 14-1b, this action would be considered anchoring.

What do you think?



When Langer was questioned about his current putting stroke, he said: "I am aware of my left arm and hand, and my hand is definitely not touching my body. I anchor when I address and then move my hand away from the chest, till it is not touching anymore."

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