Tiger Woods on stealing his dad's 1-iron and honing his patented stinger

Tiger Woods gives media brief history lesson of his 1-iron stinger shot ahead of The Players.

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Wed, 9 May 2018
tiger woods on stealing his dad's 1-iron and honing his patented stinger shot


Tiger Woods has revealed how he swiped his father's 1-iron back in the day and immediately got to work on his famous 'stinger' shot. 

Woods, speaking to the media ahead of this week's Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass, did not reveal the exact age he begun learning the shot with his dad Earl's beryllium copper Ping Eye2 1-iron, but he said he used it for "a number of years."


The 14-time major champion explained how he used his trusty 1-iron for chip shots and then steadily learned the mechanics of a full knockdown, low, line drive on the tee - a golf shot which it's fair to say Woods patented in his own style, especially out on the links...

"Eventually it started to basically cross over into other parts of my game," said Woods.

"I started learning how to hit the ball flat with all my clubs. Because when I was younger, I grew up on kikuyu grass out there in SoCal, and you can't ever roll the ball up, so you had to throw it straight up in the air, so when I was younger I hit the ball straight up, full release as high as I could, and I had to learn to bring it down.

"That 1-iron was probably the start of learning how to hit the ball down, and plus we had balata balls back then, so learning how to take spin off of it was a big thing."