Tony Finau crushes full-swing drive with 383-YARD CARRY!

Golf fans are going crazy after seeing a video of Tony Finau bombing a drive with an uncharacteristic full swing.

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Tue, 14 Jul 2020

Tony Finau has sent golf fans wild after posting a video on his Instagram page where he ripped a monster drive that carried 383 yards and he did so using an uncharacteristic full swing.

With an average driving distance of 305.9, Finau currently sits in 26th place in Driving Distance statistics on the PGA Tour, but he achieves this in a very unique way as Finau only likes to swing the club just past half-way.

The fact that he sits higher in the Driving Distance rankings than the likes of Jon Rahm, Phil Mickelson and Justin Thomas when he's not even using a full swing is pretty impressive, but now we know just how far Finau can crush a ball if he wanted to.

With Bryson DeChambeau continuing to impress everyone right now with his crazy distance off the tee, Finau posted a video on his Instagram page saying he was "inspired by DeChambeau" and it has sent golf fans into a spiral.

In the video, Finau makes a full swing and hits an absolute bomb that carried 383 yards, with a ball speed of 206mph. Watch the video below:


Inspired by @brysondechambeau to see how much I got in the tank vid cred: @boydsummerhaysgolf

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"Uh oh hahaha," replied DeChambeau.

Considering DeChambeau currently leads the Driving Distance statistics on the PGA Tour with an average of 323 yards, it's safe to say that the video of Finau shocked everyone and now golf fans are questioning why he doesn't start using a full swing when he plays tournaments.

"I’ve never seen you go past 3/4 swing! That thing had to go a mile!" said one fan.

"Bryson is about to consume 12 protein shakes after watching this video," joked another.

"So that's what a full back swing looks like lol toooo mean babe," said Finau's wife.

"Everyone gangsta till Tony Finau does a full swing..."

With DeChambeau's distance clearly benefitting him on the PGA Tour, could Finau start to alter his swing to add more yards to his game? The 30-year-old will be teeing it up at Muirfield Village for the Memorial Tournament this week, so keep an eye on his swing throuoghout the week.

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