Golfmagic heads to Tallinn to and asks readers:

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Thu, 12 Jan 2012

The back-nine starts in much more gentle fashion to the first, with a picturesque par-3 to kick off the inward run. But don’t get too comfortable, the tight, well-bunkered 11th provides a real test of mettle.

But if you think that’s tough, wait until you hit 12 and 13 – the real signature holes of EGCC.

Sweeping down the valley toward the Jägala River, the 12th commands an accurate tee shot to keep out of the sand. Find the trap and don’t even think about going for the green – which is protected front and right by the wet stuff.

Get out of there with a par and you’ve done well. 13, however, will really separate the men from the boys. Or the women from the girls in the case of Matt and myself.

With almost the entire right-hand side of the fairway protected by a small lake, a good drive is an absolute must. Keep this dry and you’ve done well, keep your second shot up and you’ve done even better, as the lake sweeps in to gobble up anything even remotely short.

My advice? Take an extra club and work on your monster putt game. Sounds obvious when written down, but we all know how different things are when standing over the ball.

The par-4 14th provides a nice respite, with no real trouble and a nice large fairway to aim for, while the par-5 15th sweeps deliciously along the coastline.

16 was my favourite hole on the course. A tricky dogleg right with a dancefloor so elevated I expected to get up there and find a podium. Be sure to keep left with your drive, as well positioned trees on the right will snaffle any chance of getting the flatstick out after two.

The water makes a brief return at the par-3 17th, but as long as you don’t top it you’ve got a lot of green to work with. And 18 is a long, sand-infested treat set to the permanent backdrop of that wonderful, farmhouse-style clubhouse.

I slumped back in the bar, Coq in hand (it’s the name of the beer in Tallinn, smart arse), and watched the groups behind me tackle the difficult 18th green.

Happy with my day’s golfing, my fellow golf journalists and I were ferried back to The Three Sisters where we were treated to a seven – yes, seven – course meal, each served with a specific wine and a large shot of ice-cold vodka.

Tired, full-up and hitting Charlie Sheen levels of drunkenness, I retired my room. Tomorrow: Tallinn.

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