Brooks Koepka hits LEFT-HANDED BOMBS with Claude Harmon II

Brooks Koepka showed off his wide range of skills by hitting some absolute bombs with his 'weak' hand.

Brooks Koepka hits LEFT-HANDED BOMBS with Claude Harmon III
Brooks Koepka hits LEFT-HANDED BOMBS with Claude Harmon III

There's nothing more annoying than seeing professional golfers hit better shots with their supposed weak hand better than we can all hit a ball with our strong hand, but it's certainly impressive.

Best friends Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas recently posted a lengthy Instagram story showing the two going head to head in a match with a twist, they had to play left handed.

Fowler shot a very respectable 94 with his weak hand and it looked as though he and Thomas had a lot of fun during their round, but they awoke a beast without even realising.

Four-time major champion Brooks Koepka must have seen what his Ryder Cup team mates were up to and fancied giving the challenge a go himself and he certainly didn't disappoint.

With his coach Claude Harmon III doing the camera work, Koepka showed off just how far he can hit a ball with his opposite hand.

In the first video, Koepka crunched an 8-iron 194 yards with his ball speed sitting just under 130mph. It was a little off the target line, but the left-handed swing and outcome was still very impressive.

Koepka then moved up to try hitting a driver left-handed and the results were incredible.

The big-hitting American bombed it dead straight and 293 yards, a distance that most players on the PGA Tour would be pretty happy to hit with their natural hand.

In 14 events so far on the PGA Tour, Koepka has averaged a driving distance of 307 yards, just 14 yards further than he achieved with his lef hand.

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