DJ Kaaze talks a love of golf, new TaylorMade clubs and Dustin Johnson

GolfMagic chats to the Swedish electronic dance music producer, DJ, and songwriter...

DJ Kaaze talks a love of golf, new TaylorMade clubs and Dustin Johnson

So DJ Kaaze, what is your golf handicap? How long have you been playing the game and how often do you get out to play golf? 

I have a 10 handicap right now and I’ve been playing on and off since I was a little kid. I really try to play as much as I can squeeze it in to my schedule. Sometimes I have gone straight from the airport to the golf course after a long tour just to get my golf satisfaction. Though in the end I have to prioritize making music when I’m not on tour, but trust me, once I retire I’ll be playing golf from morning to night!




My next release is pure progressive house.

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What is the best part of your game, and the worst?

I'm probably strongest with my driver and long irons. I’m pretty stable on the greens as well but I get very shaky in the bunkers and around the greens. I rather use an 8-iron for a chip and run than a risky wedge. My strategy most of the time is to put myself in situations where I can hit a full swing and not end up too close before the green.

What do you love most about golf? Do you know any other DJs who love to play golf? 

The best part is that I use it almost as a rehab for me. I turn my phone off and I don’t think about music or business as long as I’m on the golf course. It gives me a good balance to not overwork my music and get a full stomach on it. Unfortunately not many DJs play golf as far as I know but for some people it's a growing sport that you grow to like as you get older, so maybe one day I’ll have some of my DJ buddies join me for a round soon. 



I understand you have just got some new TaylorMade clubs? What clubs have you got in the bag right now? 

Yes, I’m very excited to play TaylorMade! They are on top of the game now and the quality is just incredible. Right now, I’m playing with the latest Taylormade SIM driver and also in fairway woods. For irons, I’m going with the Taylormade P790 set which in my opinion is the best on the market when it comes to professional clubs with some forgiveness. Then I've got the TaylorMade Milled Grind wedges and the latest TaylorMade Spider putter, which I love. 

Who is your favourite golfer? 

Well as a Swede, of course my compatriot Henrik Stenson is amazing, but my favourite golfer is actually Dustin Johnson. I’m so weak for his swing control and I just in general enjoy watching him play. He is such a natural athlete. Tiger Woods is an all-time hero for me because he is the reason I started playing golf beside my father. 

How are you finding life right now during the coronavirus pandemic, and how much golf have you been able to play?

The coronavirus has really impacted me and my business. I haven’t had a show since new year so all I can do is make music and try to stay motivated until things hopefully get back in place. I do play a lot of golf since it’s my number one hobby and luckily in Sweden we had access to the golf courses during this pandemic.



Could you talk us through your journey and background to becoming a DJ and producer? When did you first realise you wanted to become a DJ, and who was your biggest inspiration? 

I started DJing when I was 16 years old. I got inspired by David Guetta and his music. He was the really first DJ despite Daft Punk that I discovered. Then I started producing the year after that. I was also very inspired by artists like The Chemical Brothers and Basement Jaxx. In terms of inspiration for my music, I didn’t really have an artist inspiring me except for my hero Freddie Mercury but Hardwell is a great inspiration when it comes to developing as an artist and growing inside the music scene. He’s also one of my closest friends on the scene, he is just such a great guy!

What's been the best moment of your career so far? 

I have had many special moments and milestones so far but some of them are my debut album last year called “DREAMCHILD”. It was a childhood dream for me to make an album and it turned out exactly how I wanted it. Another big moment for me was when I released my song “Triplet”. I’ve had higher streamed songs than Triplet but that one really kickstarted a big artist wave for me.



What's the best festival you have ever played?

I did a headline gig at Lakedance in Netherlands for over 30.000 people and I also played Europe’s biggest indoor festival called Magnetic. They were both incredible. 

What is the one track of yours that gives you most satisfaction? 

I have so many favourite songs over the years but to name a few like my latest release “Erase You”, “We Are Legends” with Hardwell, “Haartz”, “My Favorite Enemy” and my song “Satellites”. At the same time it’s like picking your favourite child, and nobody wants to do that!

What is the best thing about being a DJ and producer? What is the toughest thing? 

The absolute best thing about being a DJ is to travel the world, meet new people and discover different cultures. I think every artist out there is appreciating that part more than ever now because of the pandemic. The toughest part is to stay healthy while on tour and I’m also a workaholic so I tend to work too much sometimes. It’s important to give yourself some rest from time to time. That’s when I play golf.

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