New Ignite driver in Tiger's bag

Woods switches back to Nike to try prototype club in Amex World Championship event in Atlanta.

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Fri, 3 Oct 2003
New Ignite driver in Tiger's bag

Tiger Woods has put a prototype Nike Ignite driver into play at the WGC Amex Championship in Atlanta this week – the biggest headed driver he has ever used.

The new driver is 335cc. but Nike refuse to disclose the materials used in the driver. However Nike's engineers have been working on a suitable club for Tiger to use off the tee for six months. To be launched for club golfers in Spring 2004, it is Woods third driver of the year, having rejected an earlier club made for him by Nike, then used a TaylorMade in Germany in August.

Woods averaged 312 yards off the tee, and while he hit only six fairways, he was only in the deep grass four times. His putting saved him in his round of three under par 67 – two behind first round leader Sergio Garcia.

Talking about the driver Tiger commented: "I think I’ve found one I like. It feels stable, that's the biggest thing. When you hit it, it doesn't feel like it's moving all over the place. A lot of times, you'll find with the hotter drivers that it becomes harder to work it. There's more balance; that's the great thing."

Nike’s Kel Devlin commented: "We wanted to get it right. We said to him, 'Don't put it in the bag until you're ready.' The goal was to get it in there by January. We're a little ahead of our timetable, but it's very important to get it back in.