New Odyssey putter...TriHot

Odyssey Golf are introducing us to a new concept in putter, the TriHot series, due next year...

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Tue, 31 Oct 2000
New Odyssey putter...TriHot

Odyssey Golf has combined three of its leading putter technologies into one new line of high-performance premium putters. Introducing the Odyssey TriHot Putters, which feature the proprietary insert technology of the Odyssey White Hot Putters in tandem with the advanced tungsten weighting technology first used in the Odyssey TriForce Putters.
New Odyssey putter...TriHot
The "White Hot" has some serious competition
New Odyssey putter...TriHot

Each of the three Odyssey TriHot Putters features a unique three-part putter head. The body of each putter is CNC milled from soft carbon steel for absolute precision, then nickel-plated for durability and a rich, lustrous finish. An insert made from the same material as the Callaway Rule 35 ball is machined into the head. This innovative insert material provides exceptionally soft feel with consistent distance control with all kinds of golf balls. The final piece is the heavy tungsten weight flange attached to the rear of the putter head.

The complex design of the Oydssey TriHot Putters concentrates much of the putter's weight low and a away from the face, increasing forgiveness on off-center hits and helping get the ball rolling more quickly after impact. Odyssey's proprietary TriSole design makes it easier for golfers to square the putter head at address and impact, while a Stronomic* interface layer between the body of the putter and the tungsten flange dampens vibration and adds to the TriHot's satisfying feel.

"To develop the greatest performing putter possible we knew we needed to combine great aesthetics with forgiveness, pure roll, and a responsive feel," said Austie Rollinson, Director of Product Design for Odyssey Golf and Callaway Golf. "The pure roll and forgiveness of TriForce putters together with the responsive feel and distance control of the White Hot insert has given us the TriHot putters for unmatched performance to all levels of golfers.

"The pure roll technology of the TriHot was developed using advanced computer analysis. This research showed us that moving the center of gravity lower and rearward in the design reduced the amount of backspin produced by the loft of the putter. Reducing the backspin causes the ball to start rolling more quickly and more on line."

Odyssey TriHot Putters will initially be available in three models: A mallet, a scoop-back blade and a heel-toe weighted blade.

And Odyssey Golf has added three new putters to the line of Odyssey White Hot Putters:
· Odyssey White Hot 6 is a heel-toe weighted blade with a unique slant-neck hosel.
· · Odyssey White Hot 7 is a heel-toe weighted mallet with an offset hosel.
· · Odyssey White Hot 8 is a traditional heel-shafted blade with a compact head design.