Srixon 'improves' AD333 ball

Re-launch of popular balls as Jim Furyk signs to play Z-UR ball and Srixon irons and wedges.

Srixon 'improves' AD333 ball
Srixon 'improves' AD333 ball
New Srixon AD333 balls

Srixon is re-launching its popular AD333 golf ball – on a higher trajectory for greater distance.

But the makers claim that though the new ball will travel further with less spin off the driver, for shots that require more control, it will achieve more spin from the short irons.

The ‘new and improved’ AD333 golf ball features a reformulated cover and a more resilient core which Srixon says delivers a ball ‘with softer feel that launches higher and with ‘more velocity for greater distance.’

A spokesman for the Alton-based Srixon Sports added: "The new ball takes what we’ve learned about the dynamics of ball and club impact to further optimise launch conditions for most golfers."

"A combination of the exclusive Rabalon-elastomer blended cover and 333 dimple pattern combine to produce a penetrating and stable ball flight in all wind conditions," he added

The AD333 will available at a suggested retail price of £24 per dozen.

Srixon 'improves' AD333 ball
Jim Furyk – Srixon capture

Srixon has also signed up 2003 US Open winner and Ryder and Presidents Cup regular Jim Furyk to play its Z-UR range of balls, its forged irons and 504 wedges.

Furyk will also be instrumental in helping the company develop future generations of product.

"My game is based on knowing exactly how far my golf ball flies, how it feels, and how it reacts around the green," says Furyk. "The first time I tested the Srixon irons and golf ball, I knew right then that this was equipment I needed and a company that could help me be a better

"Quite often, to get this type of control in a golf ball, you have to give up distance. But with the Z-UR ball, I was amazed to see not just the distance I didn’t have to give up, but the distance I could gain."

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