Stylish ion bracelets from Druh

New wrist-wear combine style with science

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Wed, 13 Feb 2013

Druh Belts has launched its ‘db’ Ion Bracelet, combining the company’s passion for fashion with functionality.

The bracelet uses negative ion therapeutic and magnetic technology to provide the wearer with a continuous stream of negative ions to counteract the damaging effects of positive ions – or “Free Radicals” - that are so prevalent in today’s environment.

The technical stuff

Using Max Bio-Science technology, the bracelet stimulates muscle activity and power output, providing a natural way to sustain high-intensity exercise over a longer period while accelerating muscle repair, regeneration and recovery – thereby improving the performance of the wearer both mentally and physically.

Druh claims its bracelet emits the highest constant flow of negative ions and magnetic strength of any of its competitors in this increasingly-popular niche market for magnetic jewellery.

Druh also says it is also the most attractive, wearable and stylish range available. With one eye on fashion, Druh has designed a ‘db’ Ion Bracelet for men and women in a variety of colours, which you can see below.

The one-size fits all silicone straps in similar colourways are embellished with hand-polished stainless steel features and the recognisable ‘db’ detail in enamel.

What they say

“Whilst there are already a number of negative ion accessories on the market,” says former European Tour golfer and Druh founder Simon Hurd, “we have, in conjunction with Max Bio-Science, have achieved a far higher emission rate of negative ions than any of its competitors making it a much more effective proposition.

“The bracelets are also stylish and extremely wearable, making them a must-have accessory not only for golfers or indeed sportsmen but for anyone who would like to improve their quality of life and achieve their maximum potential.”

The details

All ‘db’ Ion Bracelets possess therapeutic technologies that can be quantitatively verified by certified hand held testers and have received a Seal of Approval of product quality and efficacy from the Japan Association of Ion Research and Application (JAIRA).

The Druh Tour Collection is currently available priced at £112 (€138 / $179.95) while the Druh Players’ Collection will set you back £50 (€62 / $79.95) All come with a one-year warranty.

Visit for more information. Click through the images below to see the various colour and style options.

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