Titleist unveils 712 Series MB and CB irons

Rory puts MBs straight in his bag at Dunhill

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Mon, 3 Oct 2011
Titleist unveils 712 Series MB and CB irons

So impressed was US Open champion Rory McIlroy with the new 712 Series Titleist MB irons that he put them straight into his bag for last week's Dunhill Links Championship and almost won the tournament. He only lost out to fellow Titleist ambassador Michael Hoey on St Andrew's famed final green.

The new irons, a prototype of which was also used by Rickie Fowler at The Open Championship, will be available to club golfers from November 18.

Titleist says both the MB and CB forged irons, also out in November, feature improved looks feel and performance and build on the classic designs of their 710 Series predecessors.

“When we started plans for the new MB and CB designs, we knew the project would be a reinterpretation, not a complete reinvention,” Steve Pelisek, general manager of Titleist told me at their launch in Scotland. “The original MB and CB models were so well received that we knew we had succeeded in delivering the core design fundamentals approeciated by traditional blade players. But by working with the top players we knew we could make improvements and have incorporated them in the new models."

New to both forged models is a satin finish that the Tour players prefer, which reduces glare and accentuates the toe and top-line profile to make them easier to line up. A new MB sole is for players with a shallow angle of attack who tend to pick the ball off the turf, while the slightly wider soled CB helps those more aggressive through the turf. 

The MB is a classic muscle back, while the CB features a shallow cavity-back design.

Both clubs will be available in right and left hand models (3-iron to pitching wedge), with a recommended price of £110 per club (steel) or £125 (graphite).