Magic day for GM Pro-Am pair

A De Vere Slaley Hall event to remember with Nick Job

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Fri, 10 Jun 2011
Magic day for GM Pro-Am pair

For Golfmagic members Alan McDermaid from Edinburgh and Christine Appleby from Preston, the opportunity to play with a Tour professional for the first time was a chance of a lifetime.

And Cleveland Staff player Nick Job, three-time winner on the Seniors Tour, proved a gracious and informative host during the De Vere Club PGA Championship Pro-Am at De Vere Slaley Hall, Northumberland this week.

The 61-year-old member of the European Seniors Tour committee is still a formidable talent as he proved with some booming drives, pin-point accurate approach shots and a delicate touch with his PING broom-handle putter.

Though our GM competition, winners were a little overawed at first, both settled quickly into their game and Christine (forum nickname Kris App) particularly - a five-handicapper from Preston Golf Club - impressed Nick with her driving and long game, despite her diminutive five-foot frame.

She also revealed that she's had key incentives to get her handicap down. Her husband Clive agreed that he would take her to Disney World if she ever remotely became a better player than he was.


"That was just the incentive I needed," said Christine.

"I achieved my goal reasonably quickly. I started with a few lessons and got down to seven when Clive had an eight handicap and now I'm on for a new kitchen if I can get to four before he does!

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