Pro V1x (2015)

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Andy Roberts
Fri, 29 May 2015
Pro V1x (2015)
For players seeking even more short game spin and higher launch

Need To Know

Strong backspin with the wedges; launches higher with wedges and lands soft; long off the tee; durable; slightly firmer than the new Pro V1
Hard to fault other than price
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PRICE: £51.00 YEAR: from 2015

Just when you thought the Titleist Pro V1x couldn’t get any stronger, it has.

For 2015, the brand associated with the number one ball in professional golf is giving golfers of all abilities what they have been lusting after: dimples that are longer, softer and more durable than ever.

On first look, the new four-piece Pro V1x felt much softer than its 2013 version, but still remains firmer than the new Pro V1. 

When using a GC2 launch monitor, we noticed the Pro V1x provided us with the strongest spin rates with the wedges, whether that was from a full 55-degree shot or chip shots around the green, and it also provided us with ideal low levels of spin off the tee. 

While distance did not increase dramatically, in similar circumstance to the Pro V1, we do not believe there many longer balls out there in the game today. 

The Pro V1x excelled most for us on the full 110-yard shots. When caught out the centre of the face, the ball sat down beautifully and travelled on a nice, high trajectory - aided by the ball's softer thermoset urethane cover.

The best way to describe the sound and feel from the new Pro V1x is that in terms of 'clickiness' and feel, it is about the same as the old Pro V1. 

Other positives include a change to the ball stamp. The solid arrows on each side are now comprised of two parts each - perfect for alignment when putting - but in the same silver colour as before.


The new Pro V1x is for players seeking even more short game spin and higher launch. We found it spun some 200 RPM more than the Pro V1 on the 100-yard shots. It felt firmer than the Pro V1 but much softer than the previous Pro V1x of 2013. Again, very durable and the sound off the face is as pure as it gets. Pricey at £51, but we cannot fault it.