Lee Westwood CONFUSED by latest offer from Legends Tour

LIV Golf's Lee Westwood is still waiting on a hearing about his DP World Tour future, so he is baffled by this latest invite. 

Lee Westwood CONFUSED by latest offer from Legends Tour
Lee Westwood CONFUSED by latest offer from Legends Tour

Lee Westwood has told Telegraph Sport that he has been invited to play in a few Legends Tour events next season, despite the fact he might soon be banned by the DP World Tour.

The Legends Tour, formerly the European Senior Tour, is a circuit for the over 50s and is run by the DP World Tour. 

Westwood, who turns 50 two weeks after The Masters in April, turned his back on the DP World Tour earlier this season by joining LIV Golf

The 25-time DP World Tour admitted from the very start of the process in 2021 that joining a new super golf league would be a "no brainer".

Lee Westwood CONFUSED by latest offer from Legends Tour

Westwood did eventually jump this year and he is now waiting for a Sports Resolutions hearing in February 2023 to learn whether or not he will face a continued ban from the former European Tour circuit. 

This sanction will supposedly include all circuits under the DP World Tour umbrella, meaning the Legends Tour would be included. 

That is why Westwood is so confused by his latest invite from a Legends Tour executive. 

Westwood told Telegraph Sport

"Straight after the BMW PGA Championship last month – where those of us playing on LIV were made to feel unwelcome by some of those in charge – one of the Legends Tour execs got in contact and asked me if I will play in a few of their events when I pass that milestone, I don’t really want to mention, and he actually said there would be funds available to pay me.
"So let’s get this right – the main Tour is trying to ban me, their seniors tour is saying they’ll roll out the red carpet. It sums up the mess. I’m not sure they know what their plan is with all of this."

Lee Westwood CONFUSED by latest offer from Legends Tour

Westwood's Majesticks GC were eliminated in the semi finals of the LIV Golf Team Championship in Miami over the weekend. 

The Englishman was dropped as captain for the season finale in favour of Ian Poulter. 

Westwood and Poulter were both beaten convincingly by Peter Uihlein and Brooks Koepka in their semi-final singles matches on Saturday. 

With LIV Golf now in the books for its inaugural season, Westwood's attentions now turn to the Indonesian Masters, which is an Asian Tour event backed by LIV Golf. 

Westwood said: 

"I’ve won it three times in the past and always enjoy playing there. It’ll be special because it’ll be [his son] Sam’s debut as a pro. He’s nervous and it will be an eye-opener for a lad who had just graduated. I guess his first aim will be to beat his old man, so I’ll need to be on my guard. I’ll take some time off after that. I might play in Abu Dhabi and Dubai [on the European Tour] in January and I suppose the result of the hearing will dictate a few things."

He then admitted he is not "overly bothered" what happens when it comes to the DP World Tour ruling in February. 

"We have 14 LIV events next year and can play on the Asian Tour, so I’m not overly bothered, to be honest, although I do wonder what exactly I’ve done wrong and will be interested to hear conspiring my support to the Tour over all those years. I’ve really enjoyed this first year with LIV. Like I said, someone coming to me at my age with an offer like this was a ‘no-brainer’."

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