How SINGING can help you hit LONG and STRAIGHT drives

Still searching for the golf tip that will help you hit long and straight drives? This could be the one for you...

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Wed, 8 Jul 2020
How SINGING can help you hit LONG and STRAIGHT drives

Nothing feels better than piping a long and straight drive down the middle of the fairway, but unfortunately it can be a hard shot to master. Rushing your backswing is a common error for amateur golfers and can cause some pretty terrible shots, so one of the best golf coaches in Spain has a simple tip that will have you singing on the driving range.

PGA Professional Murdo McCorquodale is one of the most experienced and talented golf coaches in Spain and currently resides at the La Cala Golf Resort in Mijas and one of his favourite driver tips involves him showing off his singing voice to help you maintain your rhythm.


In the video above, Murdo explains that too many golfers have a tendancy to rush the back swing, causing you to not load the drive properly at the top.

By slowing the take-away down and producing a much smoother and rhythmic swing, you will actually produce more power than swinging the club back as fast as you can.

"De-de-de-de-de dun-dun dun-dun" is the classical tune that Murdo recommends repeating to yourself during a driver swing, which will help you slowly load the back swing and produce more power on the downswing.

The crucial moment where you should apply most of your energy and speed is half way between the downswing and the ball. Imagine your swing as a clock for a moment, with the ball being at 6 o'clock and the top of your backswing at 12, the fastest part of your swing should be from 9 o'clock down to 6 as you strike the ball.

Next time you're on the driving range, try and focus on your rhythm and where you are applying your speed. It might sound like a simple tip, but golf is all about making it as simple as possible!

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