Best blade putters 2018

Best blade putters 2018: traditional looks, untraditional performance. 

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Wed, 25 Jul 2018
Best blade putters 2018

The shape of a blade hasn’t changed a huge amount over the generations, but performance certainly has thanks to improvements in technology. 

Inserts, groove depths, grips, material – they have all been updated over the years in order to add a softer, smoother feel and as much forgiveness as possible.

In 2018 there are a host of new bits to talk about from all the leading names, and some putter specialists too.

We’ve given almost all the putters out there in 2018 a knock, and have picked our favourite products below.


TaylorMade Black Copper Soto LC - £219

TaylorMade's new line has a rustic finish, with dark areas contrasting with hand polished edges. An adjustable sole weight allows you to dial in the club to your stroke, while a Pure Roll insert gets the ball going end over end off the bat.

- Pure Roll insert

- Unique triple-plating process

- Adjustable sole weights

- Hand polished to reveal copper accents

Head to the TaylorMade website for more. 

TaylorMade TP Juno SS - £199

A traditional, compact blade from TaylorMade – it’s suited to the player that likes to have an arc in their stroke and release the toe through impact. There’s a new and improved insert thrown in for a truer roll, and sole weights allowing you to alter the set-up for your stroke.

- Milled 303 Stainless Steel Head

- Adjustable Sole Weights

Head to the TaylorMade website for more. 

Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2018 - £365

Renowned putter manufacturer Scotty Cameron improves its blade offering in 2018, with this product producing a softer feel than ever, with an improved sound. Appearance has also been tweaked, as have angles to offer greater balance.

- 303 Stainless Steel Head

- Four-Way Sole Balancing

- Improved Sound & Feel

- Matador Midsize 11" Putter Grip

Head to the Scotty Cameron website for more. 

Titleist Scotty Cameron Squareback 2018 - £365

Also has improved sound and feel, but this product is larger than above, giving it more stability. Designers thought hard about the angles of this product, producing a three-tiered contour and smooth topline with a thinner leading edge. It may be bigger, but it still looks superb.

- Multi-Material Technology

- Enhanced MOI

- Improved Sound & Feel

- Matador Midsize 11" Putter Grip

Head to the Scotty Cameron website for more. 

PXG Brandon

Designed for a soft, consistent feel, the Brandon has tungsten and aluminium weights allowing you to alter the set-up for your swing. PXG’s TPE material – used in its irons too – sits inside the club to provide a soft feel and sound and improving MOI for more forgiveness.

- Face made from soft billet-milled 304 stainless steel

- Body made from 303 stainless steel and aircraft-grade aliminium

- TPE core

- Heel and toe weights

Head to the PXG website for more. 

Bettinardi BB29 - £230

A traditional heel-toe weighted blade gets a new milling process that produces a softer feel in 2018. It’s designed to put the golfer's hands in the ideal position, so they feel locked in to the putter.

- Super-Fly face milling

- Heel-toe weighted

- Made from soft carbon steel

Head to the Bettinardi website for more.

EVNROLL ER2 Mid Blade - £299

Designed for heaps of forgiveness, Sweet Face technology increases energy transfer on off-centre hits for better distance control, while it also pulls the ball back to the centre of the putter for better consistency. The bloated shape aims to increase stability through the stroke.

- CNC Milled

- 303 Stainless Steel Head

- Silver Satin Finish

Head to the Evnroll website for more. 

EVNROLL ER1 - £299

A traditional looking putter, with heaps of forgiveness built in thanks to precise face milling, like above.

- CNC Milled

- 303 Stainless Steel Head

- Silver Satin Finish

Head to the Evnroll website for more.

Cleveland Golf TFI 2135 8.0 CB Satin - £139

Pitched at a very competitive price, this counter balanced putter has a high contrast sight line to help you get squared up, while it is also engineered to give you a soft feel and performance. The face is milled to provide more consistent ball speeds, even when not struck from the centre, with groves three times deeper than standard.

- Speed Optimized Face Milling

- High Contrast 2135 Technology (21.35mm from the ground)

- Soft Polymer TPU Insert

Head to the Cleveland website for more. 

Odyssey O-Works 1SS Mid Slim - £179

Designed to offer a true roll thanks to an elastomer insert, combined with a stainless steel insert, which hinges and flexes on impact. Versa alignment is engineered to help you spot the real face angle, helping you to get square to the hole every time.

- Microhinge Face Insert

- Versa Alignment Technology

- Tour Proven Shape

Head to the Odyssey website for more. 

Odyssey O-Works Red #1 Wide - £189

Has the benefits of the new insert – like above – while the inflated design offers stability through the shot. The contrasting red and black colour scheme is engineered to help you square up to the hole.

- Microhinge Face Insert

- Tour red finish

- Tour Proven Shape

Head to the Odyssey website for more. 

PING Cadence TR Anser 2 Blue Insert - £149

Another cost effective option, this flat stick has TR Rustler Grooves for a similar feel and response to a steel face putter. The grooves are also variable depths, so you’re getting more consistent rolls from all over the face. The shaft can be adjusted, while the grip is designed to minimise wrist movement.

- Adjustable shaft length

- Next-generation True-Roll Technology grooves

- Traditional-weight inserts

- Blue PP58 Midsize Grip

Head to the PING website for more. 

PING Sigma G Anser Black Nickel - £175

A stunning putter, offering up a precision milled full face insert for forgiveness and a soft feel. Varying grooves depths give you consistent ball speeds, aided by a multi layer design. Pistol grip helps with consistent pressure.

- Ideal for Slight Arc Putting Stroke (3.5° - 7.5° closing angle)

- Multi-layer face design & New True Roll face Technology

- Contrasting full-face insert aids in alignment

- PP60 (mid-size) grip

Head to the PING website for more.