BIG MAX launches new golf cart bags

BIG MAX introduces four new cart bags for 2020...

BIG MAX launches new golf cart bags

BIG MAX is introducing four new cart bags this spring. Hot on the heels of the news that BIG MAX dominated the continental European golf bag market in 2019, the brand is introducing new designs based around the Aqua and Dri Lite technology that has taken it to the top. 

Each of the Aqua Tour 3, Aqua Prime, Aqua Silencio and Dri Lite Sport incorporates unique features designed with the golfer in mind.

BIG MAX launches new golf cart bags

"Every new addition to the BIG MAX range is designed to make life on course easier," said BIG MAX's chief designer Ralf Niesing.

"Every golfer is different so we want to make sure that whether the golfer’s priority is Tour bag capacity, classic styling, lightweight materials or 100% confidence in wet weather, we have something that will meet their needs. Every innovation we introduce is created from the golfer up, and we’ve got four fantastic additions to the line that we know will find the golfer who is their perfect match."

The Aqua Tour 3 combines the space and practicality of a Tour bag with BIG MAX’s lightweight waterproof technology, making this the ultimate cart bag for the best equipped golfers. A 14 way, 10 inch oversize organiser top with full length dividers combines with 9 spacious waterproof pockets to give room to spare throughout the bag. A host of neat features such as glove and towel holder, oversize putter well, oversize cooler pocket and concealed battery pocket all add to an incredible package while 6 colour combinations and an incredible weight of just 2.7kg make the Tour 3 a stylish lightweight option for golfers that have it all. SRP: £279.99

The Aqua Prime is the BIG MAX take on a modern classic, combining traditional styling with a brand new denim effect waterproof fabric and all the functional innovation that BIG MAX is known for. 100% waterproof, with sealed seams and waterproof zips, the Aqua Prime boasts 14 full length dividers from a 9” top, 9 waterproof pockets and an incredible 2.5kg lightweight design. Packed with features such as glove and towel holder, dedicated putter well, oversize cooler pocket and concealed battery pocket, the Prime is available in four subtle colour options that make this a bag for the ages. SRP: £269.99

BIG MAX launches new golf cart bags

The Aqua Silencio combines BIG MAX’s 100% waterproof technology with a noise reducing top that holds each club in place and eliminates noise as the bag moves down the fairway. In addition to the ‘Silent treatment’ the Silencio 3 delivers bags of storage with its 9 waterproof pockets, oversize putter well, oversize cooler pocket and concealed battery pocket. In addition, this unique cart bag features a host of practical features, 6 stylish colour combinations and weighs in at just 3.8kg despite its functional practicality. SRP: £299.99

The Dri Lite Sport is a stylish, colourful ultra-light cart bag that combines a host of practical features with the water-resistant protection of BIG MAX’s Dri Lite technology. 14 way organiser top, dedicated putter well and 9 waterproof pockets – including oversize cooler pocket and concealed battery pocket – deliver bags of room for clubs and accessories while neat features such as glove, towel and umbrella holder add to the practical benefits. At just 2.2kg and with an SRP of £179.99, this is a lot of bag for the weight and the money!

BIG MAX Aqua bags have a hydrostatic rating of 10,000mm while the Dri Lite series rates at 2000mm. Hydrostatic testing of waterproof fabric gives a mm per 24 hours rating. This refers to the amount of rainfall a fabric can withstand in a single day. Thus, a 10,000mm waterproof rating means the product can withstand 10,000mm of rainfall in a single day without letting moisture in.

AQUA Tour 3 available in: Black, Grey/Black, Charcoal/Lime/Black, Steel Blue/Black/Orange, Storm Silver/Red, Red/Black.

AQUA Prime aavailable in: Storm/Sky, Storm/Sand, Storm/Silver, Storm/Grass.

AQUA Silencio 3 available in: Storm Silver/Navy, Black, Charcoal/Black/Fuchsia, Charcoal/Black/Red, Navy/Silver/Red, Grey/Black.

Dri Lite Sport available in: White/Black/Orange, Black, Black/Lime, Charcoal/Silver/Fuchsia, Grey/Black,    Steel Blue/Black/Orange

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