Callaway launch PM Grind Wedge designed by two legends

A total redesign by two legends.

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Fri, 4 Jan 2019

PM Grind wedge

The new PM Grind wedge from Callaway was co-created by two legends of golf, Phil Mickelson - arguably the best wedge player to have lived - and Roger Cleveland - one of the greatest wedge designers in history, and here's everything you need to know about it...

Phil and Roger put their heads together to design a wedge that can make it easier to play the three wedge shots that Phil thinks every golfer needs to be able to play.

1) The Knockdown -- a low-flying, high-spinning shot ideal for attacking the pin.

2) The Hit & Check – a short pitch that bounces twice and stops. 

3) The “Phlop” – the high-flying, steep-landing, fast-stopping greenside shot Phil made famous.

Callaway’s Groove-in-Groove technology was introduced last year in its Mack Daddy 4 wedge. It entails four micro-positive ridges machined into flat parts of the face, parallel to the grooves, creating 84 points of contact with the ball. The ridges form a micro-groove between them, which is why it’s called Groove-in-Groove. For PM Grind 2019, Phil suggested machining the micro-grooves into the face at a 20º angle, making them perpendicular to the target-line, or close to it, when you open the face, promoting more spin on lob shots. Callaway testing indicated that offset Groove-in-Groove placement promotes an increase of up to 12% more spin on lob shots.

"Offset” in a clubhead is the distance between the front edge of the hosel and the leading edge of the clubface.  Callaway says that increasing the amount of offset in the PM Grind 2019 has made it easier to move the ball back in your stance and position your hands ahead of the ball, which is necessary to hit a knockdown. The higher toe, made possible by removing weight from the sole pulls the CG location upward to promote a lower trajectory, with the added benefit of creating more space high on the face, which is helpful on lobs from tall grass.

The C-Grind, with significant relief at the heel and toe, is well known for smooth and clean turf interaction, promoting solid contact from all types of lies.

The PM Grind Wedge is available in the following loft/bounce combinations: 54º/14º, 56º/14º, 58º/12º, 60º/12º and 64º/10º. All available in right-handed and left-handed. Available in retail February 15.