Golf invention accidentally made in time for coronavirus pandemic

The Golf Ball E-Z Lyft was created before the coronavirus pandemic but is now flying off the shelves.

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Wed, 20 May 2020
Golf invention accidentally made in time for coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has caused economic problems all over the world, but for two inventors it has seen their product become one of the hottest new inventions to hit the golf industry.

The Golf Ball E-Z Lyft was created before anyone was even aware of the coronavirus, but the new golf product is perfect for any golf club who is trying to limit social contact.

Last year, amateur golfers Roger Hood and Dave Taylor designed a product that was meant to help elderly or handicapped golfers retrieve their ball out of the hole without needing to get low to the ground.

It was also designed to try and stop people causing damage to the lip of the hole whilst getting their ball out if they left the flagstick in, which seemed to become an issue when the ruling changed in 2019.

Hood and Taylor's invention enables golfers to lift a hook that is attached to the bottom of the flagstick using their putter, which then lifts the ball out of the hole and back onto the green.



The Golf Ball E-Z Lyft took some time to design and get right, meaning it didn't hit the market until April, by which time the coronavirus pandemic had become global.

Speaking to Yahoo Sports, Adam Stuck, a golf instructor who handles marketing and sales for Hood and Taylor, said: “All the stars just lined up for us. About 24 hours after we launched, we realized how good our timing was. It was kind of the perfect storm with COVID-19.”

The invention that was originally designed to stop golfers fishing for their ball is now the perfect tool to help golf courses combat the spread of the coronavirus, as it completely eliminates the need for a golfer to put their hands near the cup.

The Golf Ball E-Z Lyft can be bought in packs of 3, 9 and 18, with an 18-pack costing $495. According to Stuck, the new product has been sold to over 1000 golf courses in the United States and clubs in Europe are now contacting them out of interest.

“It has taken off like you wouldn’t believe,” Stuck said. “It’s helped people enjoy the game of golf during the COVID-19 pandemic and it has also enhanced the experience for golfers with the cup staying in good shape and not getting torn up.”

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