Hole More Putts is first swing analysis product for putting

Device offers instant feedback on five key areas of putting

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Wed, 17 Aug 2016

Hole More Putts is the newest high-tech putting analysis system on the market, and measures the five key areas of putting - face angle, impact point, path, angle of attack and speed.

The portable device boasts an iPad type tablet and patented infrared technology, and provides instant analysis of the stroke on the tablet.

Using the product with the Mobile App and website, Hole More Putts can offer instruction, with a series of tailored drills relating to your data.

Proprietary software analyses the putting stroke and calculates a player’s Putting Index – their putting performance score.

Dave Kearney, head PGA Professional at Grange Golf Club in Dublin, and High Performance Director for the Irish Ladies Union, said: “Without feedback, players don’t know if they're practicing a good habit or just repeating a bad one. Without solutions and drills, they won’t know what to practice to improve.

“Over 90% of golfers involved in our initial research showed significant improvement after using Hole More Putts, with an average improvement of 9%.”

Hole More Putts can be used inside or outdoors.

Price: £399

Head to Hole More Putts website for more infomation.