Srixon launch fifth generation Z-Star ball

Srixon Z-Star ball, in collaboration with Prostate Cancer UK, has new dimple pattern and improved core

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Mon, 23 Jan 2017

Srixon teams up with Prostate Cancer UK to offer a free sleeve of balls in 2017

Srixon has unveiled the fifth generation of its Z-Star series golf ball, which they promise offers more distance, while also providing more spin and control in the wind.

Srixon has partnered with Prostate Cancer UK, which will provide golfers with a limited edition 15 ball “Z-Star/Z-Star XV Bonus Pack”.

Prostate Cancer UK logo

The extra pack will include a free sleeve of balls, stamped with the Prostate Cancer UK logo. Srixon will also donate £1.50 for every dozen balls sold at trade to Prostate Cancer UK.

Srixon launch fifth generation Z-Star ball

Srixon Z-Star golf ball 2017

Srixon Z-Star features

"This is a truly reliable ball that delivers more distance than anything I have ever used before, and it has more responsive feel at impact," said Hideki Matsuyama    

"Playing on the USPGA Tour, I need a ball, which stops on the green with irons, so I’m very satisfied with the new Z-Star creating the optimal        spin. It also has more spin and better feel around the green, and has more consistent spin especially from the rough, so I’m amazed with these significant improvements."

Srixon believe they have produced a ball that has a better flight, increased spin control and a softer feel.

The product is already in the bags of many staffers, including Matsuyama, who put the ball in play before his hot streak at the end of 2016, posting four wins and a runner-up in five events.

Srixon Z-Star XV golf ball 2017 in yellow

Distance and wind performance

- New core construction. Srixon Z-Star has a “super-soft” core, which offers high launch and low spin with driver. The Z-Star XV has a “high-repulsion” centre, offering optimal launch conditions – the best in Srixon’s history.  
- A new 338 speed dimple pattern improves launch. Five different dimple sizes decrease drag coefficient after launch, allowing the ball to travel with less resistance.

Improved spin and feel

- New skin coating is 13% softer than previous model
- Durability has reached a “new level” – 0.5mm urethane cover

Price: £44.99

Available: 17 Febreuary