Srixon unveils Z65 woods, hybrids and irons

Designed for maximum distance and control, boasting Ripple Effect technology

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Thu, 7 Jul 2016

Srixon has unveiled its new Z65 woods, hybrids and irons, designed for maximum distance and control.

Srixon Z656 and Z765 drivers

The Z 565 features a new 460 CC head that promotes a higher launch, more forgiveness and a slight draw bias.

A rounded footprint head and shallow face design enhances playability and inspires more confidence at address. A 10% higher COR area generates higher ball speeds across the entire face for more distance accuracy on off-centre hits.

The Z765 driver is slightly smaller in design and suited to the better player. It features a 445 CC head with a similar footprint to the previous Z745, but with an increased toe area.

Both benefit from ‘Ripple Effect’ technology, encompassing three features: A Power Wave Sole, which absorbs stress at impact for maximum energy transfer, the extended Stretch Flex Cup Face, which creates a 10% larger sweet spot area, and a Lightweight Crown, which allows for four grams of discretional weight to be repositioned for higher launch and increased MOI.

Loft Options: 9.5 & 10.5

Srixon ZF65 fairway woods

Like the new driver, the Z F65 fairway woods feature Ripple Effect technology, and feature an Arc Support Channel, which is progressively deeper by loft to stabilise initial launch conditions for more consistent distance and accuracy.

Available Models: 3+, 3, 4 & 5 woods

Srixon ZH65 hybrids

The Srixon Z H65 hybrid features a new Arc Support Channel that is progressively deeper by loft to stabilise initial launch conditions for more consistent distance and accuracy from longer distances.

The Z H65 hybrids also feature optimised Center of Gravity locations, meaning lower lofts (2, 3, and 4) feature a lower centre of gravity promoting a higher initial launch.

Loft Options: #2, #3, #4

Srixon Z965 irons

The Z965 is a compact muscle back blade ideal for better players. A new Tour VT Sole has been modified to move efficiently through the turf, reducing impact resistance and tightening shot dispersion for maximum consistency and control.

It combines an ultra-soft S20C head material with a new special heat treatment for a smooth and consistent feel.

All iron faces feature 5% larger grooves compared to the previous generation and Double Laser Milling, which improves contact, especially in wet conditions, delivering increased friction and enhanced spin control.

Srixon Z765 irons

The Srixon Z765 is a muscle cavity preferred by skilled players for its traditional profile and control.

Featuring the new Tour VT Sole, it also boasts an ultra-soft S20C head material and 5% larger grooves.

Srixon Z565

The Z 565 irons are geared for golfers of all abilities.

Features a new Tour VT sole and a high strength SUP10 face insert for higher ball speeds and more distance.

Boasts 5% larger grooves and Double Laser Milling.

Srixon ZU65

Features a hollow construction in a slim profile, with a S20C body and SUP10 face.

Like the new Z 65 irons, these utility clubs also feature 5% larger grooves for more spin and control on longer shots into greens.

The Z U65’s hollow construction also allows weight in the club head to be repositioned low in the head for a higher initial launch for more carry.

The Z U65 utility features the same ‘Ripple effect’ that can be found in the Z 65 series driver and fairway wood.

Available Models: #2, #3 and #4

Head to the Srixon website for more information.