Top-10 trendy apparel brands to keep an eye on

GolfMagic's top-10 trendy golf apparel brands to look out for in 2019

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Wed, 12 Dec 2018
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Making a statement is what it's all about in the golf industry. We no longer want to see boring polos and a plain old pair of trousers. Basically, we want to be wowed. Here are GolfMagic's top-10 trendy golf apparel brands to look out for in 2019.



#1 Greyson

The lifestyle brand was founded by former Senior Vice President of Design at Ralph Lauren, Charlie Schaefer. After 13 years with the fashion giants, Schaefer left to take on his dream of starting his own label, naming the brand after his daughter. Greyson aims to redefine golf and activewear by producing garments that are technical but also fashionable.