Tour players come out against "rollback" of golf equipment

Titleist staffers Jimmy Walker and Lucas Glover are not impressed with the USGA and R&A's report. 

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Wed, 7 Mar 2018

Tour players come out against "rollback" of golf equipment

Major champions Jimmy Walker and Lucas Glover have criticised the suggestion of a “rollback” of the golf ball and/or golf equipment after the USGA and R&A’s third annual report made it clear they are concerned at the distance the modern ball travels.


The report caused rabid debate in the golf world, with the PGA of America and PGA Tour Commissioner pushing back against the rhetoric.

Titleist, who dominate the ball market, were also critical of the report – Walker and Glover are both sponsored by the brand.

Walker and Glover both lent on social media to get their message across.


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