What does a TaylorMade Custom Fitting Experience look like in 2021?

In this video, Alex from GolfMagic takes on a custom fitting session by TaylorMade at Ifield Golf Club. How important is custom fitting? Can it really improve your game? Watch the video to find out more.

What does a TaylorMade Custom Fitting Experience look like in 2021?
What does a TaylorMade Custom Fitting Experience look like in 2021?

Thanks to modern-day technology in golf clubs, golfers have got more help than ever before, but all that technology is wasted if you're using golf clubs that haven't been tailored to fit your swing.

Golf clubs certainly aren't cheap, so if you're going to invest your hard-earned money into new clubs then it's crucial that you get custom fitted, as different players need different specifications due to factors such as height and swing type.

Brands are now able to offer custom fitting sessions whilst still following COVID-19 health and safety protocols, so if you're thinking of buying new clubs but are concerned about your wellbeing, then worry not, custom fittings can be carried out in a safe environment.

We wanted to show you guys the importance of custom fitting and how one of the best brands in the game goes about conducting a fitting session in 2021, so we sent our equipment editor Alex to Ifield Golf Club where he met up with Henry, an experienced custom fitter at TaylorMade Golf.



Want to improve your game? Using our Select Fit technology, our highly skilled fitting technicians and retailers will find you the right combination of equipment to optimise your performance within the ultimate club fitting experience. Get Custom Fit for better performance.

Our fitting days are the perfect opportunity to see how dialling in your equipment with one of our certified fitters can optimise your performance.

All of our fitting days are equipped with Trackman launch monitors and a full range of Select Fit parts to allow our technicians to give you the widest possible choice of head and shaft combinations. Whether it’s a particular part of your game you want to focus on, or looking to improve your whole bag, our fitters have industry leading knowledge and can help you in any area of your game.

Want to find out more about how you can get custom fitted by TaylorMade? CLICK HERE.

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