Crazy moment where an INSECT almost cost Paul Casey a penalty

Watch the bizarre moment where an insect nearly cost Paul Casey a penalty shot at the Porsche European Open.

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Mon, 9 Sep 2019

Paul Casey captured his 14th European Tour victory of his career on Sunday, after a faultless six-under-par round of 66 was enough to beat three players by one shot in Hamburg.

The Englishman looked in phenomenal form all week and the victory was just what Casey needed as he chases a spot in Team GB's golf team for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

During Casey's second round, an incident occurred on the green involving a bug and it nearly cost him what would have been one of the most bizarre penalties Casey has ever received in his career to date, but he didn't even know about it until after his round.

Check out the video below and see for yourself what happened...

The Rules of Golf state that if a moving ball on the putting green hits a person, animal or object, then the shot must be retaken; the insect in the incident with Casey is considered an animal.

Casey wasn't notidied by an official during the incident and he didn't retake the shot, he was only made aware of what had happened after his round in the scoring area. As Casey wasn't aware that the insect was there and didn't purposely hit it, the rule didn't apply. 

Considering Casey won the tournament by just one shot, if he had received a penalty for hitting the bug during his putt, then we could have seen a four-way playoff between Casey, Robert MacIntyre, Bernd Ritthammer and Matthias Schwab.

“Almost a Rules infraction, and I had no clue,” said Casey in the video. “Ants and bugs and beetles, you know, we’ve got to protect them.”



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